"Dragon's Dogma" Adds Hard and Speedrun Modes Next Month - UPDATED

New modes arrive on Xbox 360 and PS3 in Japan on December 4

Update: Capcom confirms the release date for North America in a Capcom Unity post. Also, unlockable items changed to reflect Capcom's update.


The next big update for Dragon's Dogma has been dated in Japan. Capcom's medieval action game will be getting both a Hard mode and a Speedrun mode on December 4, and the DLC is all free of charge. 


The trailer below was released when the Hard and Speedrun modes—which up the difficulty and set goal times for players to strive toward, respectively—were first announced. It's currently unclear if the Japanese date holds for the rest of the world, but we'll keep you posted and update when Capcom releases a statement. 



Those bold enough to complete Hard Mode will earn Edmun Dragonsbane's outfit and the Abyss outfit. Wrap up Speedrun Mode and your reward is Selene's outfit and the Barnaby clothing set. There are pics of the unlockables over at the Capcom Japan page, as well as the update link above.



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