Kamen Rider Girls Promote New Single

"Kamen Rider Wizard" theme released as single

The folks behind Kamen Rider are constantly tring to cover all the bases in marketing the franchise. Lots of modular toys for the kids. Handsome lead actors to get their moms to watch. And now, Kamen Rider Girls for the idol fans.


The group formed in 2011 for the 40th anniversary of the series and provide the themes for the latest show, Kamen Rider Wizard.



After "Let's Go RiderKick 2011" and August's "Kamen Rider V3," their third single was just released last weekend. To launch the CD of "Last Engage," the Girls made an appearance at the Sanspro office in Naniwa, Osaka. 

Leader Hitomi Isaka did PR for their current single, "It is a song that adds to the battle scenes. It has a rock sound that adds to the 'coolness' of the Rider."


Member Chisato Akita who is the Wizard girl in the group, similarly expressed "The Rider is stylish and cool."



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