Impressive Wii U and Xbox 360 Black Friday Sales Numbers

New Nintendo hardware trails just behind original Wii launch madness

Here we are in the longest console generation to date, and it seems like only yesterday that the Wii launched in 2006 and it was hell on Earth trying to find one. This past week's Black Friday wasn't as intense or action-packed as that year's, ending up being the most polite riot I've ever participated in (although there were two dudes about to get into a fight at Target, and something exciting happened in the Walmart crowd), but between the launch of Nintendo's Wii U, a new model of the PS3, and some exceptionally good bundle deals for the Xbox 360, sales numbers for video game consoles were through the roof.


Sony has yet to reveal the 2012 sales numbers for the PS3 and PS Vita, but Nintendo announced that the Wii U moved 400,000 units during its first week of sale, 300,000 more Wiis were snapped up, 250,000 3DS units found new homes, and the original-model DS still got plenty of love with 275,000 units sold. For reference, the original Wii hit about 600,000 sales for its first Black Friday.




Despite being over seven years old, the Xbox 360 sold a whopping 750,000 units over the Black Friday week, at least partially due to the then-bargain-priced SkyLanders bundle. What parent wouldn't pick up a high-definition game console (even with just a 4GB HD) and a bunch of insanely popular SkyLanders toys, all for $150?


When Sony reveals its sales numbers, we'll be sure to post them too, but for now, let's try and keep the fanboy bullshit to a minimum. We're celebrating success, not mocking failure! Unless of course Sony's Fergal Gara is wrong, and then I'm gonna have a field day. Did you get any awesome gaming deals on Black Friday? Sound off in the comments!


via Siliconera (1)(2)

Also, be sure to check out Sebastian Von Buchwald's gallery--he did the awesome Mario vs. Master Chief pic in the headline!

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