Listing Discovered for "Yoshi's Land" on Wii U

Canadian listings hint at a new "epic adventure" for Yoshi

I don't often try to speak for everyone, but let's face it, Yoshi's Island on SNES is one of the best games of all time. Yoshi's Story on N64 and the Island follow-up on DS didn't quite manage to bottle the same magic, but perhaps a new adventure on Wii U could do the trick. We might get a chance to find out, because Canadian listings at retailers Future Shop and Best Buy describe a game called Yoshi's Land for Nintendo's latest console. 


The listings were spotted by some eagle eyes at the NeoGAF forums. Best Buy describes the product like so:


Take Yoshi on an epic adventure to remember in Yoshi Land for Nintendo Wii U. Check out Yoshi as you've never seen him before: in glorious high definition. Enjoy dual-screen control thanks to the Wii U Touchscreen GamePad, while you'll also be able to experience full integration with Nintendo's MiiVerse service.


Future shop's listing


Yoshi's Land is slapped with a $59.99 price point and a December 31, 2013 release date, though that's typically a date given to a game without a specific launch window. This isn't the first time we've heard whispers of a new Yoshi adventure. Yoshi's Land was also spotted in an early mock-up of the Wii U debug menu. 


Would you be interested in a new Yoshi adventure?


Via Polygon



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