Ex-AKB48 Star Atsuko Maeda Meets With Taylor Swift

Jpop idol meets country idol

It was Jpop idol meets country idol today as former AKB48 star gone solo Atsuko Maeda spoke with American singer Taylor Swift on her Tokyo FM radio show Heart Songs of Atsuko Maeda. "Acchan" met with "Tay" on November 26th as Swift was in Japan to promote her album "Red," with the interview airing on the 29th.


"I love Tay the most in the world, I'm really glad that I have come to meet you. When I'm sad, I always listen to her songs and it gives me encouragement to always do my best" said Maeda.

Maeda has been professing her appreciation for Swift for years, with remarked upon attendance of her concerts and playing Swift's songs on the 2010 launch of the Heart Songs show. “Her music is so moving and she’s really cool and cute and pretty and just like a princess!!”


Maeda "graduated" from Jpop mega-group AKB48 in August.


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