VIDEO: Gumi Dances in "Megpoid the Music♯" Opening

Well ahead of its March 28th release, watch Gumi rock to "Maybe Maybe" in the PSP game's opening

Make room, Hatsune Miku, Megpoid vocaloid Gumi is getting her own dance rhythm game, Megpoid the Music♯Well ahead of its March 28th release, watch Gumi rock to "Maybe Maybe" in the PSP game's opening



Hiroyuki Maezawa composed and arranged Maybe Maybe, and the lyrics were written by Emi Inaba - the pair are responsible for K-on! songs Pure Pure Heart, Tokimeki Sugar, and Curry Before Rice.




Newly revealed song additions include:


Tsugi Saku Hana no Iro wa ( The Colour of the Flowers That Bloom Next) and Kitchen de Kappa ga Tanishi Yude Teru  (Kappas are Boiling Slugs in My Kitchen).


Tsugi Saku Hana no Ira wa is produced by Takanon.


Kitchen de Kappa ga Tanishi Yude Teru, on the other hand, comes from ”Ie No Ura de Manbou Ga Shindeiru P” (“A Sunfish is Dead at The Back of My House P”) aka Takahashi You.



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