Users can upload and share comics now on CR!

We bet you didn’t see this coming, but lo and behold, a bold new frontier at has just opened up and the future is BRIGHT…



At CRUNCHYROLL COMICS, users like YOU will be able to upload and share their very own graphic storytelling creations.


Unlike other sites where people go to read comics online, CRUNCHYROLL COMICS was created to natively support comics, and offers artists and readers a lot of cool options for how works can be read and presented. Want to read one page at a time? No problem! Want two-page landscape mode? You got it! And best of all, it’s free to use!


So get thee now to CRUNCHYROLL COMICS and check out some of the local talent to be found at this virtual “Artists Alley”, which includes special section devoted to ComiPo! Manga Creation Software and a new work by Jason Thompson (author of the “King of RPGS” graphic novels and the book “Manga: The Complete Guide”).




I've been waiting for Crunchyroll to get into the manga side of Asian pop fandom, and they've finally taken the plunge…. not by licensing manga, but by going a potentially much more interesting route. CRUNCHYROLL COMICS features an easy-to-use interface and some very cool tools to let anyone make guided-view (or traditional) digital comics. It has the potential to be the next deviantart for aspiring manga artists, and to make Crunchyroll as big a player in online comics as they are in anime.


How can YOU get involved in CRUNCHYROLL COMICS? Well, right now, the site is welcoming selected creators and submissions, and will be open to many more users in the future. If you are a comics creator who would like to publish your works at CRUNCHYROLL COMICS, you can apply immediately at:


Thanks and please enjoy and support user-created comics and graphic storytelling at Crunchyroll!

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