"Phantom Breaker" US Release Might Be Dead

Crossover fighting game featuring Stein's Gate's Kurisu Makise originally slated for early 2012 release

Remember way back at the beginning of the year when we got wind of a new upstart publisher called 7Sixty Games that was going to bring out the crossover fighting game Phantom Breaker for Xbox 360 and release a fully loaded limited edition


Phantom Breaker Key art


Turns out the game might not even be coming out after all if this morning's cryptic message delivered on the 7Sixty Games Facebook page is any indication:


Phantom Breaker update: First and foremost we apologize for the lack of communication from us in regards to the state of Phantom Breaker. We understand that you are excited to get your hands on the game. There are a number of factors going on behind the scenes that have prevented us from speaking out as to the fate of Phantom Breaker and until all avenues have been explored and all parties involved reached an agreement, the fate is still uncertain as of this time. We are listening and are working hard on finding solutions. Hopefully next post you see will have some answers. Thank you all for your support of the game.

Based on that statement alone, it seems to me that 5pb has already pulled the game for undisclosed reasons and 7Sixty Games is trying everything it can to keep the game from being pulled out from under them, but it's not looking good. To add to the situation, multiple reports on the same page have confirmed that Amazon and GameStop are canceling pre-orders for the game ahead of pulling the listings entirely, which doesn't bode well for anyone that was hoping for the game's release.


PB screen kurisu


With this situation causing 7Sixty Games to speak up after months of relative silence, anyone think the game still stands a chance of being released in the US, assuming anyone else wants to deal with the licensing for it?

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