VIDEO: Rumi Okubo Voices Lancer in "Fate/Extra CCC" Preview

Imageepoch developed PSP RPG Fate/EXTRA CCC hits February 21, 2013

Meet Fate/Extra CCC's Lancer, a servant quite different from the doomed knights of Fate/stay night or Fate/zero. The upcoming PSP RPG sequel's is a self-professed star, voiced by Rumi Okubo (YuruYuri's Chinatsu).




Other new characters in the game include:


Jineko - a net addict master voiced by Aoi Yūki (Madoka Kaname)

Karna - Servant voiced by Koji Yusa (Yoru no Ou from Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka?, Lunatic from Tiger & Bunny). The sun god previously showed up in Fate/Apocrypha.


Like the first game, the player picks a male or female student for their player character master, then they select their Servant partner: "Bride" Saber, Archer, the Fate/Extra Caster... or, new to Fate/EXTRA CCC... "King of Heroes" Gilgamesh. 

SHAFT (Madoka Magica) will be animating the opening for upcoming dungeon role-player Fate/EXTRA CCC TYPE-MOON writer Kinoko Nasu said that CCC will have more voice acting and story volume than Fate/Extra, also that  "eros" and "a girl’s passion" are themes for the story.

The Imageepoch developed PSP RPG Fate/EXTRA CCC hits February 21, 2013.


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