"Animal Crossing" 3DS Sells Out in Japan, Fans Have to Wait for More

"New Leaf" requires special type of cartridge for increased storage

Animal Crossing: New Leaf, AKA Tobidase Dōbutsu no Mori, AKA Animal Crossing: Jump Out, is a major success on Nintendo 3DS in Japan. Not only has it topped the charts since release, it's sold out! Good news for Nintendo, bad news for fans, as New Leaf uses a special type of cartridge, so it could be a couple months before more make their way to stores.


The special cartridge allows for increased data storage, so production takes longer than it would for regular 3DS games. I have a feeling Animal Crossing isn't met with the exact same enthusiasm over here in North America, so hopefully we'll be able to avoid rioting in the streets when New Leaf strolls over next year.   


Via Destructoid



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