VIDEO: Cosplay Contest at IPL 5!

Watch live tonight at 6:30pm!

We here at Crunchyroll are very proud of our darling Victoria, aka Sailor Bee. Our gal has gone, in quick succession from co-hosting CR’s Live Show, to co-hosting the Anime Expo masquerade, to now juding the Cosplay Contest at IGN ProLeague 5!


A thousand smackeroos (US$1000) are up for grabs as cosplayers battle it out for first place in Vegas, baby, bringing their A-game in a desperate effort to impress Victoria and fellow judges Cristina Vee, voice of Riven from League of Legends, and cosplayer extraordinaire Missyeru.



If you’re at IPL 5 and want to enter…it’s not too late! Check out this post for full details on how to enter, the rules, and stuff like that.


For those of you who simply want to sit back at home, pop open a bottle of Tahitian Treat, and watch the festivities unfold YOU’RE IN LUCK. The final judging for Cosplay Contest will be today, Dec/1, at 6:30pm PST and we’ve even embedded the video below so you can peep in when the time is right!


May the best cosplayer (besides Victoria)…WIN!


Watch live video from IPL League of Legends Channel on

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