Meet the Outrageous "Fate/EXTRA CCC" Versions of Sakura

Three increasingly bizarre versions of Fate's troubled, purple haired mage

TYPE-MOON writer Kinoko Nasu said that upcoming dungeon RPG sequel will have more voice acting and story volume than Fate/Extra PSP game, also that  "eros" and "a girl’s passion" are themes for the story. It's also known that a mysterious girl who looks a lot like the mainline Fate series' Sakura Matou will be instrumental to the alter-universe offshoot's plot.



The first Sakura-alike is named BB, and she's voiced by familiar voice actress Noriko Shitaya. Residing in the  Tsukimihara Academy’s infirmary, she created the game's Sakura Labyrinth, but her origin is a mystery - she claims to be an unusual, dangerous AI. She also doesn't mind being called Bebe or Baby.


Then there's the more belligerent fighter Melt Lilith - voiced by Saori Hayami (Heaven's Lost Property's Ikaros)


Finally, get Passionrip - voiced by Yui Ogura (tsuritama's Sakura, Pet Girl of Sakurasou's Yuuko Kanda, .hack/Quantum's Hermit), who is initially friendly to the player character, but attacks when commanded by her "Mother."





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