Industry Pros Develop "Mega Man 25th Anniversary" Tribute Game

Celebrate the Blue Bomber's birthday with a demo on December 17

Capcom may not have anything planned—at least nothing we know of yet—for Mega Man's 25th anniversary, but leave it to others in the industry to put in the man hours when they're most needed. Created by a team of six, Mega Man 25th Anniversary takes the classic NES style and mixes in plenty of nods to the Blue Bomber's history. Check out a preview below.



Canadian Developer Team Reaverbot consists of Julian Spillane of DHX Media, Jason Canam of Guacamelee's Drinkbox Studios, Orie Falconer and Daniel Ochoa of Vast Studios, Tim McLennan of Gameloft, and Jeff Canam, an independent artist.  


You'll notice some Mega Man Legends in the mix in the form of the Bonnes, and you can even switch between Mega Man and Proto Man via the stage select screen. Robot Masters include Bio Man, Tarot Man, Sledge Man, Totem Man, Kendo Man, Comet Man, Neon Man, and Amp Man. A demo will be released on December 17, the official day of Mega Man's 25th anniversary. 


Looks great! In the meantime, the soundtrack is available on Bandcamp.



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