Sony Shows Off Kat and Emmett in "PlayStation All-Stars" Screens

DLC characters join the brawler's roster for free early next year

This morning Sony's PlayStation blog showed off the first screens of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale DLC characters Kat (Gravity Rush) and Emmett (Starhawk), and a new level, in action. The characters were announced last month, and will be available to download for free in early 2013. 


All-Stars keeps the style of play from Kat's PS Vita game intact, focusing on aerial mobility and Kat's arsenal of kick-based attacks. While she lacks a double jump, she can use her eight-direction, mini-flight Gravity Dash to move around in mid-air. She can also suck in nearby players and get 'em up close and personal with her Gravity Attraction move.



Starhawk's Emmett Graves can use a variety of high-tech weapons, and employs the Build & Battle system from his own game to change his weapon loadout. Of course, he can also bust out a Hawk as his Level 3 Super. Be sure to check out the PS blog link above for the full run-down on both fighters. 



The PlayStation All-Stars team is also working on a new level, codenamed Fearless. The stage combines elements of Heavenly Sword's fantasy world with the futuristic racing of Wipeout. Here's a look at what to expect:



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