"Cardfight Vanguard" "Mini Van" Anime Spinoff in Production

New details on spinoff confirmed during event hosted by Bushiroad

Fans of the long-running card battle series have more to look forward to, as a new series has been confirmed to begin airing in Mini Van (Mini Vanguard) next year, produced by Flash animation specialists DLE with assistance from Bushiroad. The manga series is a spinoff of the main Cardfight Vanguard series published in Kerokero Ace and is more of a humorous take on the anime series, currently in its third season and ramping up for international expansion.


Mini Van Flash


Currently, Crunchyroll is streaming the first two seasons of the anime while Bushiroad hosts its own streams via YouTube. Bushiroad is also handling the production of the English dubbed version of the series which will be released during the next year to tie in with the English language release of the game, but no further details on that adaptation are available at this time.


Of note during the presentation, Bushiroad also detailed new info on the forthcoming third season such as airing next month on the 13th and the following key art:


Cardfight Vanguard S3 key art


With the new Cardfight Vanguard spinoff series in the works, is anyone excited for a goofier take on the card game along with the new season?


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Image: ©®Bushiroad/Kadokawa Shoten

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