"Flowers of Evil" Anime Air Date Also Accidentally Revealed

Pulled Bessatsu Shonen listing also revealed Attack on Titan air date

In the rush to report on the reveal of the Attack on Titan Spring 2013 air date for the long expected anime adaptation, the same Bessatsu Shonen listing that was posted then quickly pulled also confirmed the same air date for the Aku no Hana/Flowers of Evil anime adaptation.


Aku no Hana air date confirmation


Previously confirmed details have detailed that the adaptation will not be a strict 1:1 adaptation of the suspense thriller manga authored by Shuzo Oshimi and will instead be a more loose adaptation to better fit the medium, with Studio ZEXCS handling production and director Hiroshi Nagahama helming the series. The air date confirmation also follows the official confirmation last month in the same anthology that the anime adaptation will be a TV series of undertermined length.


The Flowers of Evil


With opinions sharply divided on the way the anime adaptation of The Flowers of Evil is being handled, how do you feel that there won't be long to wait before we see what Studio ZEXCS and director Nagahama can come up with?

Image: The Flowers of Evil Volume 1 ©Vertical Inc./ Shuzo Oshimi

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