Moe Princess Suwahime Celebrates Your Marriage Officially

Best place to get married for the otaku couple?

Literally, you can find moe-related stuff everywhere in Japan now, even in a legal document. Suwa City Office in Nagano Prefecture is featuring the illustrations of Suwahime, the moe mascot character of the city, in the series of its official Certificate of Acceptance of the Marriage Report. Suwahime was originally created by a local metal mold company PM Office A, and she has been used by the city office as a promotional character of the city in various media.


There are two types of documents featuring her, free certificates of marriage and 1,400 yen (about US$17) official Certificates of Acceptance of the Marriage Report. You can use the latter to prove your marriage legally. Some otaku guys have been asking in the net, "Is there a certificate to marry Suwahime herself?" 


Samples of the certificates featuring Suwahime


City guide app "Suwa Navi" published by the city office



Suwahime figures


Suwahime cookies


Suwahime candies


Suwahime beer


Suwahime theme song "Suwa ni Suwahime!" live


Source: Netlabo


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