VIDEO: "Pretty Cure All Stars New Stage 2: Friends of the Heart" Anime Movie Trailer

Fifth All Star movie slated for March 16th

It's using a lot of footage from the last team-up movie, but there's still plenty in the new preview to excite magic girl devotees. Mahou shoujo from across the franchise will be dancing with the Smile Precure girls again when Pretty Cure All Stars New Stage 2: Friends of the Heart hits Japan on March 16th. This will be the fifth movie to feature cross-over elements of the nine Precure series. 



The dance that ended the last All Stars


It's known that the 10th entry, Doki Doki Precure, will debut in spring 2013, but there's also some confirmed character designs and series premise info.



Unconfirmed info compiled by a Precure fansite includes:


The Fairy World/Country

  • The series’ motif is trump/playing cards
  • The country/fairy world this year is known as the Trump Kingdom.

The Precures

  • The Cures are: Cure Heart (Pink), Cure Sword (Purple), Cure Rosetta (Yellow/Orange), and Cure Diamond (Blue)
  • Cure Rosetta (Yellow/Orange Cure) looks younger but is the same age.
  • Heart: top part of hemming has a black pocket, inside is a smartphone-type item: the Lovely Commune.
  • The Lovely Commune has a white pouch.
  • One of their items is oblong in shape and has something to do with the Fairies. (12 tall oblongs? I don't even know.)
  • There is another item called the Cure Lavies (Lavies is French and means life.)
  • “By looking at the logo/title colours, it seems there will be no additional Cures.”
  • (leaked images of the Cure designs)

The Fairies

  • The Fairies are: Charles (Heart’s Fairy), Davi (Sword’s Fairy), Lance (Rosetta’s Fairy), and Rachel (Diamond’s Fairy, pronounced like Raquel)
  • The Fairies are based off of the King of Hearts, King of Spades, Queen of Diamonds, and the Jack of Clubs cards.
  • The Fairies are modeled after the HeartCatch Fairies.
  • Charles [Charuru] has rabbit ears like Chypre, Davi has cat ears like Coffret, Lance has circular [Candy-like] ears, and Rachel has hanging ears.
  • They have cheeks and round eyes, above their heads is a ribbon with the heart mark, and their tails are round.
  • Each Fairy has their corresponding suite shape on their ears.
  • Charles [Charuru] speaks with a “~charu” tic.

Fifth Fairy/Mid-season Power-up

  • There is a fifth Fairy who will show up halfway through the season.
  • This fifth Fairy will provide the mid-season power-ups.
  • It is a baby fairy that has the personality of Chiffon, blue eyes/yellow eyelashes, cheeks are heart-shaped and pink-coloured, and its hair is pink.
  • Has heart-shaped odango on top, reverse bangs, and yellow floral-patterned decorations.
  • Wears a white apron with pink frill and a heart in the center. Clothes are yellow, and socks are blue and pink.
  • Feathers on back (clothes decorations?), has five digits (fingers?) and is generally humanoid.

The Villains

  • The enemies are known as the Jikochu Trio (Jikochu = Egoistic)
  • There is a young boy named Iira.
  • Pale is a middle-aged member of the trio.
  • Mahmo is a beautiful witch/young demon girl.

Other Rumors

  • It is likely that there will be no new dance ending this year.
  • Takanashi Yasuharu might not be in charge of sound.


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