"Dead or Alive 5 Plus" Will Make Its Way to North America in Q1 2013

Portable version of fighter includes first-person view and more

A few days ago Team Ninja announced a PS Vita port of Dead or Alive 5, with plans to release it next year. Now that time frame has been narrowed down a tad, and Dead or Alive 5 Plus will kick, punch, and bounce its way to North America in the first quarter of 2013. 


Dead or Alive 5 Plus will allow players to "interact directly with the characters using the Vita's touch screens," and moves can be pulled off with taps and swipes. The port will also include a first-person view, and plans to take advantage of PS Vita's ad-hoc and infrastructure network features.


Tecmo Koei released some screenshots earlier, claiming they were from the Vita version, but later hopped on Facebook and admitted they were from the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of Dead or Alive 5. They'll be releasing some more screens soon.



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