A Deeper Preview of KyoAni's Upcoming Cooking Anime "Tamako Market"

What's the deal with the bird?!

The appeal of Tamako Market is pretty obvious. It's K-on!-ish cooking with the  familiar talents of director Naoko Yamada, writer Reiko Yoshida and character designer Yukiko Horiguchi, But what about all the rumblings about fantasy elements? And what's the deal with the bird? A clearer picture from the series has begun to emerge.


TV listing for the first episode...

"For some reason I've come to this shopping district in a strange town. In the middle of my long trip, I met the daughter of a mochi shopkeeper, Tamako Kitashirakawa."

...seems like the bird might be the narrator...


The principals were revealed earlier in the week...

Aya Suzaki voices Tamako Kitashirakawa


Yuki Kaneko is Midori Tokiwa



Juri Nagatsuma (Koe de Oshigoto!) is Kanna Makino

New we get the support cast

Shiori Asagiri (voiced by Yurie Yamashita)
Tamako's classmate and fellow badminton club member. This beauty with the classes has a cool and diligent personality

Mochikura Ooji (voiced by Atsushi Tamaru)
Tamako's classmate and childhood friend. He's the son of the mochi shopkeeper across the street from "Tamaya," named "Oojiya." As a member of the film research society, he can properly use a camera.

Anko Kitashitakawa (voiced by Rina Hidaka)
Tamako's little sister. A fourth year in elementary school. The little sister differs from the big sister in that she's "in style." She thinks running a mochi shop is a bit outdated.


Translated from a Newtype interview

writer Reiko Yoshida : Tamako is very active in the shopping district and towards mochi, but there's very few motion scenes from Tamako's POV in this series. If I'm pressed, the scenario is comprised of the POV from people around Tamako and their reactions to her subtle emotions. Tamako is something like a showgirl for the shopping district, or rather someone who loves her family's trade in the shopping district. I think she's a girl who's composed of a lot of "love" including the people around her. She would never refuse someone else. She's just a well-raised daughter.

director Naoko Yamada : Actually, this series had much more fantasy elements built into it when we started. Things like Tamako having a special power. Everything steadily changed to what it is now with only the bird being left from that fantasy story.

Yoshida: At first the bird didn't stand out like it does now. Before we knew it, he pushed aside the protagonist to stand out. It was because we wanted a point of view from an outsider. He started off just as an introductory role for the district and the people who lived there, but he became more important. In the beginning, he spoke like bloody fool, but the supervisor wanted him to speak more nobly.

Yamada: That is because it is the bird of a royal family.

-Will the prince of the country where the bird was born appear in this story?

Yamada: Yes. This story was actually about Tamako and the Prince at the beginning. When I heard about the new project, I asked if we could move the setting from Kyoto to a "Rome" vacation-like place.

Yoshida: When I first received the story, the love story between the two was still the main focus.

Yamada: Eventually, it went in a extremely different direction.

Yoshida: This is a one-cour series, so just doing a love story would be difficult. I thought it would be better organized with having a long-awaited shopping district as the setting. I converted it towards an adolescent plus kindness type direction.

-And will love be a factor?

Yamada: What do you mean? Someone liking someone? (laughs) I think this series feels like a story about gathering everyone's "love" and building kindness and affection. It's a work wrapped in affection rather than passion. By the way, the story starts at the busiest time of the year for the mochi shop: near New Years Eve.

On the series' fantasy elements...

"Actually, this series had much more fantasy elements built into it when we started. Things like Tamako having a special power."

"Everything steadily changed to what it is now with only the bird being left from that fantasy story."

More comments fromo Yamada...

-Don't you want to try a new project? That's how I received this story two years ago. The show is set in the shopping district because I wanted to try and express "the concept of kindness." It focuses on a mochi shop since it's a fundamental part of Japanese culture or perhaps it's because it gives off a joyful feeling.

-I think people's faces express happiness whenever they say "mochi." That's why you should say it that way instead of "mochi."

-I think this work will turn out well if we're able to provide the viewers with a sense of happiness from Tamako's smiling face. It's that way from being raised amongst many warm people.

Meanwhile, fans have even transcribed the music from the promo


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