VIDEO: Violent Sci-Fi Crime Anime "Psycho-Pass" Goes Cute for iPhone App

Nitroplus collaborates on mini-adventure game

Going into the premiere of sci-fi crime anime Psycho-Pass there was talk about how the staff banned the word "moe" from their planning. Well, whether or not the anime actually eschewed moe makes for a nice debate, but, regardless, the Chimi-Game iPhone app based on the series quite kawaii... moe even.

The mini-adventure game Blu-ray tie-in was co-produced with Nitroplus (a frequent partner with Fate/'s TYPE-MOON and Steins;Gate's 5pb.).



Meanwhile, the official site for the anime revealed the final bit of  Reborn creator Akira Amano's's original design.

Antagonist Shogo Makishima




Shinya Kōgami 


Akane Tsunemori



Tomomi Masaoka



Shion Karanomori


Nobuchika Ginoza


Shusei Kagari


Yayoi Kunizuka

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