VIDEO: Dance Music Group m.o.v.e (Initial D Theme Songs) Announces Breakup

Motsu says, "We've decided to go on with our own ways"

Japanese musical group m.o.v.e posted a message video with English translation to announce their breakup on their official website yesterday. Their last album (4th best album) "Best moves. ~and move goes on~" will be released in Japan on February 27th next year, and their last concert "m.o.v.e The Last Show ~Champagne Fight~" will be held at Akasaka BLITZ in Tokyo on March 16th. They are well-known for their contribution of theme songs for the Initial D anime series. Their most successful song was the 10th single in 2001 "Gamble Rumble", which was featured as the theme song for the movie Initial D:Third Stage. What was your most favorite m.o.v.e song?


Message video


"Gamble Rumble" PV


Source: Natalie

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