VIDEO: Latest Online Episodes of "Bravest Warriors," "New Teen Titans" and "Kyousogiga"

A set of short episodes viewable here

This past week yielded great animated shorts streaming online. In terms of anime, there's the fourth episode of the second round of Banpresto and Toei Animation's Kyousogiga, from Rie Matsumoto and  Izumi Todo (Toei's pen name for its production team). Then, there's the fourth episode of Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward's Bravest Warriors and DC Nation's latest New Teen Titans short.


Kyôsogiga 2.4


Memory Donk Animatic (Bravest Warriors - Ep. 4 Season 1)

These are the facts: the Bravest Warriors are on a bus. Their destination: somewhere. Their goal: ... something. Wait, who are the Bravest Warriors, anyway? The team must remember their identities before they crash into the NeoMars Convention Center. Things looks pretty grim for the Bravest Whoevers, but at least they have plenty of bread. 

Take a look behind the scenes at the animatics for the fourth episode of Bravest Warriors. These are created as a rough draft to get an idea of how the episode will look once the final animations are made.

Next Time on Bravest Warriors - Bunless

The fate of the planet Bunless 9 depends on the Bravest Warriors overcoming their adolescent fears of intimacy in order to prevent an apocalypse. Will love prevail through time, space, and fleshy buttocks?


Sh*tstorm, MotherF***ers (SuperF***ers - Ep. 2)

When Wonder Kyle asks for Jack's opinion he can't help but sh*t on a good idea. Wonder Kyle and Jack accidentally give birth to something awesome—or awful—it's too soon to tell.


Next Time on SuperF***ers - Crises on Infinite Toilets

With the SuperF***ers' bathrooms in deplorable conditions, Jack needs to find a solution and fast—before the rest of the team pins the blame on him. Meanwhile, potential new recruits are lining up for tryouts to join the team.


DC Nation Animated Short - New Teen Titans - Bad Dad


DC Nation Animated Short - New Teen Titans - Apprentice


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