"Madoka Magica" Version of Traditional New Year's Arrangement Offered

Kagamimochi and shimekazari decorated with mahou shoujo, grief seeds and QB

Good grief! How about starting 2013 with a contract instead of a resolution? Toy manufacturer ACG is facilitating this with a Madoka Magica take on a traditional Japanese New Year's arrangement.


As Yatter Japanese explains:

The set includes two items needed for traditional Japanese New Year’s home rituals: kagamimochi (a stack of two mirror-shaped rice cakes and topped with a daidai, an Asian citrus fruit) and shimekazari (traditional New Year’s decorations made from shimenawa, sacred Shinto rice straw rope, and hung over a house’s entrance to welcome in the gods for the new year).


Preorders are available from anime merchandise store BrainPolice Light, as well as other physical and online retailers. It costs 2,940 yen ($35.65) and will ship later this month. 


via Yatter Japanese


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