VIDEO: Meet the Cross-dressing Idols of Fudanjuku!

New single “Jinsei Wahaha!” goes on sale Jan 9

I keep saying this over and over, but only because it’s true. In an era where Japan’s population of idol groups threatens to reach market saturation, you need a serious gimmick to help stand out from the pack. And perhaps that’s why the GIRLS of the idol group known as Fundanjuku dress and perform as boys....



Technically, the group are the male alter egos of the otaku-themed idol group Nakano Fujo Sisters, but are actually beginning to gain more traction in their skinny suits and stylish glasses than their xx chromosome counterparts.


 Fudanjuku at left, Nakano Fujo Sisters at right


Exhibit A: the promotion video for Fundanjuku’s new single “Jinsei Wahaha!”, set to be the ending theme for the Ginga e Kickoff!! anime, which has done impressive numbers on YouTube despite having debuted only a few days ago. Brilliantly, their label decided to not make the clip embeddable, but you can view it by clicking here.



To compensate, we’ve included Tokyo Hive’s 10+ minute long interview with the guys…er, gals…of  Fundanjuku. Enjoy below!



Money quote: "I want to know if dressing like boys like this exists in America as a culture..."


Official Facebook:


Source: Tokyo Hive



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