Official "Pokédex" iOS App Now Available for North America and Europe

$1.99 base application launched last month in Japan, four more expansion packs available

The Pokémon Company, the company responsible for handling the Pokémon franchise around the world, has officially released its Pokédex iOS app in English after launching the app last month in Japan. The base version of the app is now available via the iTunes App Store for $1.99 while four additional expansions can be purchased as in-app purchases for $5.99 each.


Pokemon Pokedex 1  Pokemon Pokedex iOS 2


The base app includes the Unova Pokédex (Pokémon numbers 494-647) while the four additional expansions include the Kanto Pokédex (Pokémon numbers 001-151), the Johto Pokédex (Pokémon numbers 152-251), the Hoenn Pokédex (Pokémon numbers 252-386), and the Sinnoh Pokédex (Pokémon numbers 383-493). 


 Pokemon Pokedex 3  Pokemon Pokedex 4


This means that in order to have a "complete" Pokédex, you'd have to spend nearly $30 after spending the first $2 on the base app. Considering this is being targeted towards active players of the franchise, of which the majority are young kids, it's quite a steep purchase to make for what amounts to a simple encyclopedia or bestiary, as it were.


Additional features of the app include iPhone 5 and iPad support, but what I'd like to know from readers that play the game is if this app really is worth the nearly $30 that it costs after all of the expansions are purchased or if its just overpriced? My gut tells me it is, but surely players will find some use for spending the money, no?

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