VIDEO: Japanese Take on Clint Eastwood's "Unforgiven" Gets Teaser

"Hula Girls" director Lee Sang-il helms remake starring Ken Watanabe

As reported in August, Clint Eastwood's 1992 western Unforgiven is getting a samurai-tinted remake in Japan, with Lee Sang-il (Villain, Hula Girls) directing and Ken Watanabe (Tampopo, Inception, The Last Samurai) in the lead role. The film doesn't premiere until September 13, 2013, but have a look at the first teaser below. 



As standards shift in the late 1800s, Watanabe plays a man—still holding to his samurai code—who takes on bounty hunting work. Also starring in Yurusarezaru mono are Akira Emoto (Waterboys, Miike's Phoenix Wright movie), Jun Kunimura (Outrage), Yuya Yagira (Nobody Knows), Eiko Koike (2LDK), Shiori Kutsuna (Maho Minami in Beck), and Koichi Sato (Gonin, Sukiyaki Western Django).



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