Police Sergeant Arrested for Recording "Nanoha A's" in Theaters

38-year-old officer recorded the film three times

Fukushima Prefectural Police announced today that they arrested a 38-year-old police sergeant who belonged to Express way Traffic Police Unit on suspicion of recording the anime film Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha the Movie 2nd A's three times in theaters, and sent the case to the Fukushima District Public Prosecutors Office on October 22nd.


According to the police, the sergeant recorded the film three times with his portable music player and digital camera at the theaters in Fukushima-city and Sendai-city in July and August this year. He was found by the staff of the theater in Fukushima-city when he was setting up the camera in his seat on August 23rd. The staff took his camera away and reported to the Fukushima station. The sergeant said, "I recorded it only to watch at my home. Without much thought, I believed it won't bother anyone." The Fukushima station disciplined him by cutting his salary by ten percent for a month.


Source: Mainichi Shimbun


Image © NANOHA The Movie 2nd A's PROJECT

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