VIDEO: Children Take Over the Force in "Kids Police" Film Trailer!

Film version of TBS drama premieres on March 20, 2013

Kodomo Keisatsu, AKA Kids Police, is a TBS drama in which child actor Fuku Suzuki plays a middle-aged detective who breathed in a special gas that transformed him into a child. With his co-workers turned into children, too, Kids Police basically becomes a classic cop drama with kids on the force, and a film version of this madness is hitting Japanese theaters on March 20, 2013. Check out a teaser below. 



Speaking about the film version back in September, the young Suzuki said, "I want to try and ride a big vehicle or a helicopter," and, "I want to shoot a gun or make a car break a window (in the movie)." The TV series started airing on April 17, and also features the film's other child co-stars, Miyu Honda and Sexy Zone's Yo Marius.  




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