VIDEO: Japan Unveils Smartphone Controlled Toilet!

App allows users to flush, change settings, even stream music!

You can do a lot of neat things with a smartphone: browse the web, read comics, heck, even watch anime right here on Crunchyroll! And in 2013, thanks to Japan, you’ll be able to add a new essential task to that list...namely operating an amazingly high tech toilet!



Japanese toilets, with their warming seats and always-welcome water-spraying bidets, already enjoy a pretty high status among the “thrones of the globe”, but the new SATIS model from the Inax company really piles on the features. Just imagine… making a toilet seat flop up and down, controlling that aforementioned bidet, and yes, even flushing away your troubles from the comfort of your smartphone.





The Android app that operates this staggeringly intelligent toilet (sorry, no iOS) goes the extra mile to allow you to -- should you have nothing better to do -- than to track and obsess over your water and electricity consumption, program personalized settings, record every minute detail of “nature’s call” via a Toilet Diary feature (complete with cute little poo mascot), and yes…stream music from your phone to built-in magical toilet speakers! We’ll leave it up to you to suggest suitable musical choices… (Although the soundtrack to the Rocky Horror Picture Show comes to mind for no real reason.)


The only downside to this magnificent new high-water mark in Japanese innovation is the price. A SATIS toilet, which goes on sale in Feb of 2013, will set you back about US$4,540. Until you've saved up enough spare change to buy one, you can watch this promo video over and over bathroom breaks!




Patrick Macias is editor in chief of Crunchyroll News. He also runs the Japanese Fashion Inferno tumblr blog. Follow him on twitter at @Patrick_Macias

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