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Meet Japan's Pachinko Idol Unit, D Dream Girls!

Glasses + Thigh High Socks = "Neo Sexy"

Pachinko gaming is a massive, monster-sized industry in Japan. Sure, the average parlor may just look like brainless zombies chain smoking and playing with flashing lights and little steel balls, but THAT GAME also commands 40% of the leisure biz in Japan, keeps millions employed (and addicted), and according to the BBC, makes four times as much profit as the rest of the world’s legal gambling combined. Still, you can never get enough promotion or free publicity…


Thus, game manufacturer Daiichi has decided to form an official new unit known as the "D Dream Girls" to represent the timeless magic and allure of pachinko...



Like every “unit” out there, D Dream Girls needs a gimmick or several piled on top of each other, and Daiichi has hedged their bets by decking out all six girls -- each of whom weighs in with a near 90cm sized bust -- with glasses and thigh high stockings for a look that is being described in official press materials as “neo sexy” (it kind of just looks like girls in glasses and thigh highs to us, but who’s complaining…).


Also, for good measure, each girl, carefully selected from a presumably grueling application process, has been assigned a spot on a sliding scale from “cutie” to "beauty" to “sexy” (below).



The D Dream Girls were officially unveiled by Daiichi on 12/13 at the press event for the CR Fire Dynamite King machine amidst much hype (below).


What's next for the D Dream Girls? Pachinko promotion and gravure modeling seems very, very likely. Hopefully a terrible song and PV are in the making as well. But until such a day arises, you may now stalk them all electronically via their official homepage and blog.  





Mana Amano




Arisa Kato




Ayumi Teramoto 



Yui Minami



Nakano Kodama



Asuka Kishi



Source: Tokyo Walker




Patrick Macias is editor in chief of Crunchyroll News. He also runs the Japanese Fashion Inferno tumblr blog. Follow him on twitter at @Patrick_Macias

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