"Black Lagoon" Author to Resume Manga After 2 Year Hiatus (Updated)

Rei Hiroe confirms return of Black Lagoon on personal blog

If you enjoy the adventures of the Black Lagoon crew but were bummed out when author Rei Hiroe put the series on hiatus in 2010 fearing that wouldn't have picked it back up, great news. In a new post on his personal blog, he has confirmed that the manga will resume sometime between next month and February of 2013, with the details still to be worked out. This news should please fans of the manga to no end, since the nearly 2 year hiatus really seemed like it would have gone on for longer.


Black Lagoon group


Closer to home, the franchise is still going strong with the manga still in print thanks to Viz Media, while Funimation has the two seasons of the TV series out on home video as a complete set while preparing for the future release of the long-awaited and delayed Roberta's Blood Trail OVA series, expected sometime next year in the Spring. Who's excited for more over-the-top violence and Revy? I know I am.


via @to_aru_Oni (Conner Crooks)


Update: The latest issue of Sunday GX has confirmed the manga will resume on January 19th, via @manganewsjapon.


Sunday GX confirmation

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