Gundam Cafe Starts Expansion With Tokyo Station

Zeon declares war on Starbucks

Following in the footsteps of the outposts in Akihabara and by the full scale statue in Odaiba, the burgeoning Gundam Cafe chain will be opening a third location at Tokyo Station December 20th. This is the first addition in an expansion campaign that will see the purveyor of Jaburo Coffee, Haro Milk Latte and Char Zaku Curry open locations across Japan.


That Char Zaku Curry, as well as an Acguy Curry and a silicone coaster featuring the iconic red brick design of Tokyo Station will be exclusive to this third shop.

It's not quite Starbucks ambition, but the execs at Bandai Namco Holdings have already mentioned plans to target all major urban markets across Japan for Gundam Cafe locations, such as Osaka, Nagoya and Hiroshima.

According to Bandai Namco Holdings President Norio Ishikawa, “the Gundam fan base is nationwide, so there is a need to provide goods closer to wider groups of people.”


“Food is a part of entertainment,” says Ishikawa.  


Existing Gundam cafes has been offering a special Gundam 00 promotion in late November and December with a special menu and merch.



via RocketNews24 and YatterJapan

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