VIDEO: "Alice in Musicland", the Animated MMD Version!

The "Vocaloid Musical" gets shiny new makeover

Originally released in summer 2011, “Alice in Musicland” was a 10+ minute masterpiece of staggeringly tuneful and complex Vocaloid song craft created by a Japanese girl known as Oster Project.


Now, this mini-musical (which paid homage to the classic Broadway and Disney productions of yore, without referencing them directly) has been given a stunning fully-animated video makeover courtesy of the Miku Miku Dance (MMD) software and a niconico douga user known as hanabi. The results give a fresh new twist on what remains the high-water mark for Hatsune Miku inspired creations.




And, for the sake of compare and contrast, here’s Oster Project’s original and still-good PV for “Alice in Musicland” which has English subs!!!




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