Manga UK Licenses "Black Rock Shooter" Anime

Subtitled only, DVD only release penciled in for May 14th

While North America is the largest English language anime market, it's not unheard of for others to get anime that it never sees. The UK got Mamoru Oshii's anime documentary Musashi: The Dream of the Last Samurai. Australia got Studio 4C's Genius Party anthology and Dennou Coil. Now, looks like the UK will be getting the Black Rock Shooter anime.


Manga UK announced plans to release Black Rock Shooter on May 14th, subtitle-only, DVD-only. The subtitle-only part suggests, but doesn't definitively mean, that a North American release is not in the works.

Other plans announced on a recent podcast include Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere, seasons 1 and 2, DVD and Blu-ray starting in July, and Eureka Seven AO - DVD and Blu-ray with no time frame available yet.

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