VIDEO: School Comedy TV Anime "Ai Mai Mi" 1st PV

The anime will premiere on January 3 in Japan

The official site for the upcoming TV anime Ai Mai Mi has announced that they posted the first promotional video on YouTube today. The anime is based on a four-panel comedy manga by Choboraunyopomi, which is about the unordinary life of four girls in a high school manga club, Ai, Mai, Mī, and Ponoka-sempai. The manga has been serialized in Take Shobou's web comic site Manga Life Win since June 2009. The TV anime is scheduled to be premiere on AT-X and TV Saitama on January 3rd, 2013.


VAs for the main characters:

  Yuka Otsubo: Ai

  Aya Uchida: Mai

  Maaya Uchida : Mī

  Ai Kayano: Ponoka-sempai


 1st PV



Source: Ai Mai Mi anime official site


© Choboraunyopomi/Take Shobou/Kuramochi Minami High School Manga Club(Take Shobou・SPO・AT-X)

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