VIDEO: Trailer for Final "Hellsing" OVA Episode Online

Tenth and final volume to be released on December 26th in Japan

Hellsing fans, the wait for the last episode for the now 6 year-old OVA series is almost over as the last trailer for the 10th episode has been posted online following yet another delay.


The last episode is also noted for being produced and animated by the Graphinica and Kelmadick studios, both comprised of ex-Gonzo staffers that were left high and dry after the former mega studio and multimedia conglomerate imploded internally between 2008-2009, only to restructure as a much smaller entity after resolving its financial issues in 2010.



Closer to home, after being out of print and being long-delayed due to years of red tape as a result of the purchase and merger of Geneon into the much larger Universal Japan, FUNimation has released the first 8 episodes of the Hellsing OVA as Hellsing Ultimate once again in two collections, though the company has not confirmed when it will license episodes 9 & 10, the two episodes that make up the rest of the "Final Season".


Now that we have the rather lush trailer, who's excited for the last episode?

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