Send Your Ideas to Capcom for Future Downloadable Titles

Also, a chance to design your own original "Darkstalkers" character

Remember earlier this year, when Capcom outlined future plans on becoming the #1 provider of digitally-distributed content? And then we all thought of Steam and iTunes and Amazon and wondered what the hell Capcom was smoking?


Well, Capcom isn't just jumping into this without thinking. They're actually turning to fans for input, with Capcom Senior VP Christian Svensson asking gamers what they want to see from Capcom's digital (not retail!) products. Check out the survey and let Capcom know what you want available for digital distribution! Of particular note is this:




This was followed by a hefty section specifically about Mega Man, followed by Street Fighter and Resident Evil, along with questions about less-famous Capcom franchises like Power Stone and Dino Crisis. What's on my wish list?


Demon's Crest - Capcom's awesome Metroid-alike features a Red Arremer demon named Firebrand. Combat-heavy exploration using Firebrand's multiple transformations makes up the bulk of this brilliant SNES game.




Strider - The fast-paced, kill-you-in-a-heartbeat arcade actioner needs a comeback. As a super-ninja named Strider Hiryu fighting the forces of a lunatic Soviet wizard, there is no way this can go wrong.




Justice Gakuen/Rival Schools - An almost side-story to Street Fighter taking place in the same universe, this tag-team (later three-on-three) fighter deserves a go, if only for its colorful cast.


In other news regarding Capcom asking for fans' help, there's a contest for the upcoming Darkstalkers Resurrection asking artists to create their own original Darkstalkers character. Winners will get the chance to have their character drawn by Stanley "Artgerm" Lau, along with Pop Culture Shock's Lord Raptor statue and UDON's Darkstalkers Tribute artbook. Get crackin', artists!


What franchises would you like to see make a comeback in the digital space?

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