VIDEO: Latest Preview and Info on "Gundam" Studio's New Mecha Show "Valvrave"

D.Gray Man's Katsura Hoshino and mecha master Kunio Okawara to provide designs for show

Titan of mecha anime Sunrise (Gundam, Code Geass) has followed up last week's announcement of April series Valvrave the Liberator with a new promo, as well as plenty of solid information about who will be making the show and what it's about.



Director: Kou Matsuo (Natsuyuki Rendezvous, Rozen Maiden)

Series composition: Ichirou Ohkouchi (Code Geass)

Original designs by Katsura Hoshino (D.Gray Manadapted by Tatsuya Suzuki.


Mecha designers include Kunio Okawara (just about everything) as well as Makoto Ishiwata (Blassreiter) and Naohiro Washio (Bodacious Space Pirates). 



Synopsis translated by @RollingPirahna:

Valvrave the Liberator is set in a future where 70 percent of humanity lives in space after the development of Space Capitals. The two major powers in this era are the Dorsia Military Federation formed by military alliances and the Atlantic Ring United States (ARUS) formed through various trade agreements. Between these two superpowers is Diol - a small neutral country which has prospered greatly in these times. This story is about a high school student in Diol named Haruto Tokishima, who encounters the mysterious humanoid weapon Valvrave during an invasion by Dorsia troops.


via @Yuyucow and @clow_shirow


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