VIDEO: First Boku-no-imoutowa“Osaka-okan” Anime Promo

"gdgd Fairies" writer/director and character designer reunite in comedy about reunited siblings

The Osaka Rules cultural guides have spawned a series of Boku-no-imoutowa“Osaka-okan” (translation: My Little Sister is an Osaka Momma) Flash animated shorts about reunited siblings that similarly reunite gdgd Fairies writer/director and character designer Ishidate Kotaro and Sugahara Sota. Crunchyroll News announced the show for its Winter season earlier today


Cast includes Asumi Kana (Nyarko-san's Nyarko) Shiraishi Ryoko (Hayate the Combat Butler's Hayate), and Iguchi Yuka (Nisemonogatari's Tsukihi Araragi).




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