VIDEO: SHAFT Presents Latest "Prism Nana Project" Pilot Anime

Latest look at the next magical girl anime from the creators of "Madoka Magica"

SHAFT, the studio who brought us Madoka Magica, has shared the fourth in a series of seven promo pilot videos for new mahou shoujo anime Magical Suite Prism Nana. This one features character design by light novel illustrator Kantoku (Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko AKA The Perverted Prince and the Cat Who Won't Smile), whose work will be featured in a promo illustration at Comiket 83 next week. 



Meanwhile, some interesting behind the scenes info about the third was recently translated.


PV Director: Miyamoto Yukihiro (Madoka Magica series director, Madoka Magica Movies director)
PV Storyboard: Sasaki Mitsuru (Hidamari xSP OP, ED storyboards, Hidamari xHoneycomb OP, half of Honeycomb episodes storyboards)
Animation Character Design: Nakamura Naoto (Prism Nana PV01 character designer)
Animation Director: Shinohara Kenji (Macross F Sayonara no Tsubasa Chief Animation Director)
Key Animation:
Taniguchi Jun'ichiro (beginning part) (Madoka Magica chief animation director, Madoka Magica Movies character designer)
Kikuta Kouichi (Transformation scene) (Seitokai Yakuin Domo ED animation)
Sasaki Mitsuru (Asuka's brother part, probably not in digest PV)
Background Materials: DIRECTIONS (Arakawa Under The Bridge 2 OP2, Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko OP)
Backgrounds: Studio Tulip

This is 8th Sasaki's storyboard this season alone! (after Honeycomb OP, ep3, ep4, ep7, ep8, ep9, ep11).

Interview 04 (Miyamoto Yukihiro x Okada Yasuhiro) is up at official website. Some interesting parts includes:

    • This PV was made with a tightest schedule of all 7 (due to background materials creation at DIRECTIONS) and was made by only 4 keyframe staff.
    • Asuka's boobs were Kikuta-san's doings. Although Shinohara-san correct it back to smaller size, Kikuta-san keep changing it back.
  • Asuka's brother is not yet dead, although everyone who watched the PV might think he is.

There're few bits of Prism Nana in Febri Vol.14 and Karucha Syndrome (IP restriction?):

    • In an interview with TBS (HidamariSasami's broadcast station) Producer Tanaka Jun'ichiro in Shinbogatari (Febri), Producer Tanaka mentions he want to do an original anime project with SHAFT and Shinbo, something hot-blooded ("like girl's version Gurren Lagann") and think Prism Nana might be a good candidate.
    • Prism Nana information corner in Karucha Syndrome mentions Prism Nana is「本格的にアニメ化に向けて企画進行中」(roughly "under planning to become an anime", which is up to you to interpret what it might be)
  • Karucha Syndrome also mentions PV04 is scheduled for Dec 14... but I bet they meant to say "Interview 04", not PV04.






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