Shining "One Piece Film Z" Silver Accessories Offered in Japan

New One Piece products from famous jewelry brand

In commemoration of the release of One Piece Film Z in Japan, Japanese pair jewelry brand White Clover has started offering new silver accessories featuring the four main characters of the series, Luffy, Chopper, Zoro, and Brook. The bland has been famous for its high quality One Piece accessories since 2011. Their first One Piece product "Chopper Pair Pendant" (about US$300) which was released in July, 2011, sold 5,000 units in the first six months. Check the product photos of their latest One Piece accessories below. Which one do you want to have the most?


"Luffy: Straw Hat Crew Ring" 15,750 yen (about US$186.97)


"Luffy: Straw Hat Crew Pendant" 15,750 yen (about US$186.97)


"Luffy: Straw Hat Crew Pierce" 6,300 yen (US$74.77)


"Chopper: Pendant Artemis Classic" 15,750 yen (about US$186.97)


"Chopper: Bracelet Artemis Classic" 12,600 yen (about US$149.55)


"Zoro: Key Ring" 18,900 yen (about US$224.33)


"Zoro: Leather Bracelet" 15,750 yen (about US$186.97)


"Zoro: Onyx Bracelet" 14,700 yen (about US$174.50)


"Brook: Pick Case SV version"  29,400 yen (about US$349.00) 


"Brook: Pick Case Cellulose version" 18,900 yen (about US$224.33)


Source: Press release


© white clover Inc.

© Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha/Fuju TV/Toei Animation

© eiichiro Oda/2012 One Piece Production Committee

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