McDonalds Japan Promises 60 Second Service (With Sand Timer) or Free Burger!

Promotion good from Jan/4 to Jan/31


Fast food in Japan was already pretty dang fast, but come January 4th, McDonalds in Japan will be moving at the hamburger equivalent of warp speed.  



During a month long “Enjoy! 60 Second Service” campaign, hungry and pressed for time patrons are being promised food orders fulfilled in one minute or else the customer gets a coupon good for a free burger of their choice. Upping the drama significantly is the use of a 1-minute sand timer that the staff flips over before dashing for the flipped burgers.



A few stores in Japan have already rolled out the campaign and the intrepid reporters at Gigazine have captured the pulse-pounding results on video below.



Of course, where there’s eating, there also cheating. And the Japanese interwebz is already hard at work to find ways to beat the odds like crooks inside a Vegas casino.


Says Rocketnews24: 


"On popular Japanese message board 2channel, one user claiming to work for McDonald’s writes that at smaller restaurants with less staff, you’re almost guaranteed to wait for more than a minute if you order a ‘Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese’.


According to his logic, if you use this method to score a free hamburger coupon and then use that to order another Double Quarter Pounder, you can, in theory, create a never-ending cycle of free McDonald’s hamburgers (until the promotion ends in February)"


The Hamburglar could not be reached for comment.



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