"Nintendo Force" Picking Up Where "Nintendo Power" Left Off

All-star journalist team includes writers from 1UP, Destructoid, and more for print and digital magazine

Those of us who had been with Nintendo since day one wept not-so-manly tears at the end of Nintendo Power. With the final issue having hit newsstands earlier this month, it seemed like the end of Nintendo-centric gaming publications, but IGN Nintendo editor Lucas Thomas is bringing back the dedicated Nintendo publication... in force. Sorry, couldn't resist.


Featuring an all-star team of Nintendo enthusiasts, Nintendo Force is a print and digital publication that fills the void left by Nintendo Power. Including Destructoid's Jonathan Holmes, GoNintendo's Kevin Cassidy, and The Mega Man Network's David Oxford, Nintendo Force sounds like it's going to be a hell of a lot of fun.


Which, honestly, is the most important thing to me--video games are fun, and writing about video games should be just as fun--I'll always take optimism and a sense of excitement over cynicism and a never-impressed-by-anything attitude. You can follow Nintendo Force on Facebook and Twitter, and the magazine's launch is planned for January of 2013.


Will you be checking out Nintendo Force?


via Destructoid

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