VIDEO: Morning Musume's "Help Me!!" Dance Shot PV

New single goes on sale Jan/23

Confession! I was a Morning Musume fan back in their late nineties / early 2000s heyday. And with songs and videos like this who wouldn’t be?


I sorta lost track when the classic line up began to switch members, and the group was eventually eclipsed in the media and sales charts by AKB48; an idol super group clearly inspired by Morning Musume themselves...


BUT STILL, Morning Musume keeps plugging along with new songs and videos…including their latest track “Help Me!!”, which is due for release in Japan on Jan/23. To help build up hype, the group’s official YouTube channel has unleashed a “dance shot” PV, featuring the 11th generation of Morning Musume cutting the rug with some pretty awesome choreography. Enjoy below!



Source: Tokyo Hive



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