Gameplay Details Revealed for "Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII"

Flexible combat, customizable costumes, and a focus on exploration mark the "FFXIII" finale

Okay, so Final Fantasy XIII was kind of a mess with a 20-30 hour tutorial (it took fifteen hours for the game to even let you level up), but Final Fantasy XIII-2 was surprisingly good! While I'm keeping my expectations in check for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, some new gameplay details have surfaced that have piqued my interest!


According to a report from Famitsu, Lightning Returns' thirteen-day Doomsday Clock will always be running, except for when you're in menus. Certain information will only be available at certain times, with NPC locations and behavior changing as time passes. It appears that Lightning Returns--like XIII-2--will focus more heavily on exploration and thoroughness, meaning you'll have to check back with people at different times for quests or info.




Lightning will be the only playable character in the game, but as we saw in the latest trailers, you'll have different color-customizable outfits available. While you're only controlling Lightning, the game will apparently play like you're controlling an entire party. Maybe Lightning will be able to perform multiple actions in a single turn?




Lightning uses multiple "Styles" in combat, referring to setups of weapons, shields, and accessories, which sounds a lot like XIII and XIII-2's "Command Synergy Battle," but manually-controlled. Square Enix has tentatively dubbed this adjustment to the Active Time Battle system "Amazing ATB," but (unfortunately) it's not the final name.


While we still don't know much about Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, we'll be sure to keep you posted as new information becomes available. Are you looking forward to wrapping up the Final Fantasy XIII saga?

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