VIDEO: Cast and Preview Updates for KyoAni's Cooking Anime "Tamako Market"

More on series' talking bird's background

As we get closer to the January 9th premiere of Kyoto Animation's (Haruhi, My Ordinary Life) cooking anime Tamako Market, older promos have been dropped for KyoAni's YouTube channel and have been replaced by new versions. 



Meanwhile, director Naoko Yamada and writer Reiko Yoshida (K-on!) have explained that the series features a talking bird with the voice of Takumi Yamazaki (Fate/zero's Kayneth). 


In a "Welcome to Tamako Market" interview they related:

-In Tamako Market, there is a fantasy element with a talking bird. Would you tell us your intention(s) in the creation of this character?

Yamada: Actually, this story had more fantasy elements when we started. Tamako would have a special power, etc. As we kept changing the story, only the bird remained from those elements.

-With a strange creature freeloading in an ordinary house, it’s like one of those “little wonders” in SF stories. (laughs)

Yamada: Yes. Naturally, when we started the project, there were a lot of these “little wonders.” (laughs) Therefore, everyone was shocked when they first saw it. “A talking bird!!” But, soon they became accustomed to it. The bird talks, but the bird becomes a friend. I admire that a bit.

-Conversing with the bird sounds fun. What did you think about it when you joined, Yoshida-san?

Yoshida: It still doesn’t stand out to me now. Before I knew it, he had pushed to take the leading role. (laughs) I had wanted an outsider’s point of view, so his importance moved up as he could be involved in introductions to the rest of the people in the shopping district for the viewers.

-How does the bird talk?

Yoshida: He talks a bit like a bloody fool, but the supervisor asked me to give him a more noble feeling.

Yamada: He’s the bird of a royal family.


In the latest cast addition, we meet the bird's owner.


Prince (voiced by Hiro Shimono)
The prince of a southern island. A calm and polite person.


Attendant (voiced by Yuri Yamaoka)
This girl serves as the prince's attendant. She works for the Toriura government.


A bonus look at the Comiket 83 series promo card




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