"Virtua Fighter 2" Goes Online Inside "Yakuza 5"

Meta gaming gets even better with downloadable update

Gaming within games is a grand tradition; a certain image macro comes to mind but I don't think I need to post it here. Sega is making its Club Sega arcade housed inside Yakuza 5 even sweeter with a new update, which adds online play to the Virtual Fighter 2 cabinet


That's right, players can now hop in Yakuza 5, enter an arcade, and challenge other players online in Virtua Fighter 2. Forget ever leaving the house, why leave the game? This certainly goes above and beyond the arcade action included in previous Sega games like Shenmue



Other recently released goodies for Yakuza 5 include "Loneliness Loop" for Haruka's idol group Princess League, a Brawler Aid Pack with a bunch of fight-assisting treats, and an Enjoy Kamurocho Pack, which comes with a banker piece, player piece, and royal joker. Unfortunately, Yakuza 5 is still currently only available on PS3 in Japan.



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