VIDEO: Gamilons vs. Comet Empire in New "Yamato 2199" Anime Preview!

New "Yamato 2199" feature screens in Jan

For decades, fans of the old school anime classic known as Space Battleship Yamato (AKA Star Blazers) have been kept up at night asking themselves, “WHAT IF… the Gamilons and the Comet Empire fought each other in a epic laser-riffc space battle?” GOOD NEWS! The first 10 min of the next installment of Yamato 2199 shows such a conflict actually taking place!



Space Battleship Yamato 2199 is a new remake of the original “Quest for Iscandar” Yamato storyline from 1974, so bringing in the bad guys from the later “Comet Empire” arc is a pretty bold move continuity-wise…albeit one that has even die-hard Yamato fans swooning.


Chapter 4 of Yamato 2199 is set to open in Japanese theaters on Jan/12 before coming to home video on February 2. Place your bets on “Gamilons vs. Comet Empire” now!



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