"Devil Survivor 2 The Animation" Character Info and New Trailer Posted

Series to premiere next April

Following the reveal of the first details on the Devil Survivor 2 anime adaptation earlier this month, the first teaser trailer for the series has been posted online along with the first details on the characters on the official site. As previously reported, the anime will air next April as a part of the Spring season.


The first four characters revealed include protagonists Hibiki Kuze, Daichi Shijima, Io Nitta, Yamato Hotsuin and the Anguished One, with more characters expected to be revealed in the weeks leading up to the premiere if not leaked beforehand.


Hibiki key 1
Daichi key 1
Io Key 1
Yamato key 1
Anguished One


The site has also posted the first longform trailer for the series:




Now that we have more details on the adaptation and a neat looking trailer, who's looking forward to the anime?

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